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Consumer protection  in delivering fresh produce to Honolulu is our highest priorities and by working together we can reduce the risks of food contamination and help ensure the safety of our consumers. We continue our quality as well as safety in provisioning through a multifaceted approach to all phases of our operation providing fresh produce and seafood.  


Premium Produce- Food Safety Program

Besides providing the best quality product available, Ham Produce & Seafood is committed to ensuring our line of premium fresh products are safely handled and distributed.    In order to achieve this, we have developed a Food Safety Program that undergoes annual 3rd party food safety audits held by authorized Primuslabs representatives.


Fresh Fish- HACCP Program

To ensure the safety of both the product and consumers, safety handling practices are strictly enforced by the implementation of a HACCP Program.  Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) identifies critical control points concerning biological, chemical, and physical hazards and establishes a means of preventative measures.  Employees are continuously trained by certified HACCP instructors to guarantee the most up-to-date knowledge and food safety practices.

Working Together

HAM’s Food Safety Management Team is directly involved with daily food safety operations. Employees are trained in food safety procedures and principles, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are strictly enforced and all incoming products are closely monitored.  In the event hazards are identified, we can react quickly with preventative measures.  Working together we have developed and implemented an effective Food Safety Program.

Third Pary Verification Certificate

This certificate recognizes that (1) safe and sanitary practices are being maintained and (2) our products meet or exceed the level of food safety standards.

Sourcing Local

Providing fresh produce and seafood while living on an island, local sustainability is vital to our companies belief.  Not only does sourcing local produce help our economy, it reduces the food miles of our raw materials and ensures our consumers product quality to have the freshest produce available.

We believe that the fewer miles our raw materials travel have to travel to reach your hands, the fresher.  It is this with this philosophy in mind that we have developed close ties with local growers i.e. Aloun Farms, Sugardland Farms, Hilo Products, Maui Farmers Exchange.

Premium Quality

Our commitment to provide the finest quality products begins with sourcing.  All items are carefully sourced with full knowledge of times of peak harvests and seasonal locations of growing cycles. From the farms to your table, you can see and taste the premium quality and freshness of our products.

Locally Grown Program

In our ongoing mission to provide local products, HAM has been working very closely with Don Quijote Stores Hawaii and developed the “Locally Grown Program”.   In the summer months, we have provided all local DQ stores locally grown melon products including a variety of local Watermelons, Cantaloupes, and Honeydews.  HAM has been servicing DQ for over two decades and together we consider this program a success.


A little difference helps!  In our continued efforts to minimize our carbon footprint, we have implemented our own internal recycling programs and waste reduction measures.  Through waste reduction programs and energy savings measures we are able to provide high quality products and reducing impact on the environment.  Striving to make a difference and give back to the communities is part of our company philosophy.  We believe that prosperous communities will bring a prosperous planet.

–        Much of our unused raw materials are donated to the Hawaii Food Bank.  Remaining raw materials are reduced and       prepared for local pig farms or utilized as fertilizers.

–        Corrugated boxes are recycled.  This reduces packaging costs and lesser impact on the environment.


Through research, technology, and innovation, we are continuously working towards new solutions to providing the safest and highest quality products to consumers at the most competitive pricing possible.


Recently we have completed our Solar Energy Program by furnishing all 5 of our warehouse locations with energy saving solar panels.


Our chill storage facilities have state of the art insulation panels, energy saving LED lighting, and also equipped with energy efficient fans allowing us to minimize operating costs.


Part of commitment to ensure freshness is to maintain the cold chain sustainability of our products.  Our delivery fleet consists of all refrigerated high cube trucks to ensure consistent cold temperatures and maintain freshness.  With new technological innovations, these trucks outperform with significantly better fuel economy.  The new emissions technology allows maximized fuel efficiency reducing running costs; also achieving cleaner air and a greener environment.

Cold Chain Sustainability

The cold chain refers to all of the handling procedures along a product’s life-cycle from the time of harvest to the time of consumption.  Extensive efforts are made to keep the product cold at its ideal temperature from the moment of harvest, receiving, storage, and delivery.  All products are continuously monitored upon receipt and inspected once more before reaching your door.  Bottom line, we keep it cold to provide you

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